Discipleship Checklist

This Discipleship Tool is intended to help you to do the Word of God, rather than simply read it and understand it. Without doing the Word you leave yourself open to great harm in the faith. Rather than dissect doctrines about works and faith, we should simply do what the Word of God says.

On the sheet labeled Scripture Record write the Scripture in the box labeled Scripture and then list the items you should do or if it is an item you should not do, include that as well, in the To Do / Not Do boxes listed as 1-7. You must have 7 successes in a row on the item to consider it a basic habit and complete. Use the Detailed Record sheet to keep track of failures and successes. When you have made 7 successes in a row you may place check marks in the seven boxes labeled Successes, or out the dates, if you like, or smiley faces. After you have had 7 successes in a row in that item you can consider that you have developed a rudimentary habit.

On the sheet labeled Detailed Record write each item number as you have an opportunity to do it. If it is an item to not do, then as you are tempted to do it, list that instance here. Put the number from the Scripture Record in the box labeled Item and record the date and time that it happened. List any assistance you received, i.e. Pastor Jim Peterson or brother George Wilson. Make sure to write brief, but significant notes on the event. Finally, put either a check mark or an X to indicate if you succeeded or failed in the item. Once you have 7 successes in an item without any failures in between you may put those seven check marks in the Scripture Record sheet.

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