Worship Songs Licensing


these songs, these (when referring to songs), songs, any of these songs mean each song individually and any collection of any of these songs together, whether a few or all.

Permissible Usage and Limitations on Usage

Divinely inspired worship songs should not be hindered by commercial licenses. Therefore, we are releasing these songs freely to the public, but with specific stipulations.

Derivative works, performances, and productions of these songs are not allowed without prior written permission and final approval.

Personal usage of these songs is free.

You cannot use these songs for commercial purposes.

You cannot charge for any of these songs at all and you cannot make any copy of them and charge for any of them or for the production costs of that copy. You can freely distribute them for personal use only, but only at your own cost. You cannot pass any costs on to the recipient of these songs.

If you represent a group of people or an organization or a corporate entity you must go through the Group / Corporate Permission process by filling out the submission form, prior to any usage of the songs. You must receive written approval for usage as an entity. If permission is denied you are not legally allowed to proceed with usage in that context. Personal private, individual usage is freely given and allowed.

You may not alter any word or punctuation or layout or any other element of these songs whatsoever, without prior written permission.

Any breech of this license constitutes a legal violation of rights and legal action may be pursued. We may seek restitution outside of court first, if we deem it applicable, but we are not bound to.