Setting Up Paul to Contradict Jesus

Paul does not contradict Jesus, Jesus controls the meaning of Paul. When Protestants claim that Paul teaches that we cannot help but sin and that we are still bound to sin, but free from all law, they contradict nearly every point that Jesus teaches, most points the Full Apostles (Peter, James, and John) teach, and also most of what Paul teaches.

I have had hundreds of conversations with individuals in the churches who defend these uniquely Protestant doctrines vehemently. They claim that just by reading an English translation of a particular set of ancient manuscripts they may from their own understanding of English comprehend the tightly connected doctrines that span 66 books of the Bible. I am talking about those without any formal Biblical training. They have been so puffed up in their heads to think that everyone else lies and only they are honest or everyone else is more stupid than they are. So they can only rely on themselves to read and understand and decode the Scriptures correctly and honestly. This is partly a mistake of the pulpit and the evangelists, but also more heavily to blame on the Humanism that is at the root of our schools.

Proverbs 21:2 says:

2Every man is shining into himself equity. but LORD is straightening up a heart. [Proverbs 21:2]

that everyone thinks they are objective, which is the modern code word in our western culture for being right. Yet, why would it say then of these men that they need their hearts straightened up? The lie of our schools is to make us think we can be objective. It is part of the great delusion that God has sent on people in the End Times [2 Thessalonians 2:3-12].

I cannot give you a statement by Paul that contradicts Jesus, because there isn’t one. That is not what I claim. What I do say repeatedly is that most Protestant Christians are trained to use some of Paul’s verses out of context, in a way that contradicts Jesus. For example, “Sola Fide”, one of the basic principles of the Protestant doctrines, when I ask where it says this in Scripture every single time they point first to Ephesians 2:8-9. They say, “See? We are not saved by works, but only by faith.”
Two problems:
#1 It does not say that at all.
#2 Jesus contradicts that in every teaching about the end judgement and salvation. Pick any of them. Every one of them contradict this idea. The Sheep and The Goats, The Rich Young Ruler, The Talents, etc…
Ephesians 2:8-10 (include verse 10), it does not say we are not saved by works and are only by faith. It says we are saved by GRACE, not faith. This grace operates through faith. Then it talks about two different kinds of works. The first cannot save us. The second type God fits us into those works to walk around in them. Now that does not say we are saved by the second kind of work, but it does not say that we are not. Why do I say there are two different kinds of works? Because this makes sense of Paul’s statement so that it is reconciled to all of Jesus’ teachings.
Because Jesus clearly said we will be judged by what we have done and what we have not done, Paul cannot mean that there is no kind of work at all that will be responsible for our salvation. Also, Jesus did not ever say it would be based only on believing in Him.
The next principle is that we do not ever reconcile Jesus’ teachings to Paul’s sayings. Jesus is our Lord! He died for us and is the Word of God. Did Paul die for our sins? Did Paul raise from the dead to send the Holy Spirit? Is Paul the Word of God incarnate? NO! So Jesus’ teachings must be FIRST priority. Second is the teachings of the Full Apostles (Peter, James, and John). Last is the least of the apostles, the chief sinner of sinners, Paul (according to his own words about himself). We must find the way to reconcile Paul’s statements with the Full Apostles’ teachings and ultimately with Jesus’ teachings.
Since Jesus taught that there will be judgement based on what we do and do not do, Paul must agree with that. The second kind of work is the kind of work that we will be judged on and saved or damned by. WHY? Because that kind of work comes by Grace from God.
James says that faith without deeds is dead, meaning that kind of faith without works cannot save us AT ALL!. Even the demons believe and shake in fear. If we claim we only need faith to be saved then we are saying we need only the faith of the demons to be saved and we know that would be a doctrine of the devil, as it indeed is.
James also declares that faith is made complete by works. In other words, saving faith MUST have the works that come from the same Grace that delivers us faith. Otherwise, that is not saving Faith.
This matches what Jesus taught. Even in John 3:16 read the context. I did not come to condemn the world… and the condemnation is this… read it. Only those who are doing what is right will come into the light and be saved. Those who do evil refuse to come into the light for their deeds will be shown for what they are. THIS IS THE CONDEMNATION.
The doctrine of saved by faith alone and not by works is a distorted lie that conceals the fact that Ephesians refers to works that we decide on our own to do. And this doctrine makes Christians crippled and ineffective for the Kingdom of God. They may even work a lot and make converts, but then teach them this same doctrine of demonic faith. This is what Jesus said:
15What grief to you, Men of Letters and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you traverse the sea and dry land to make one your advocate, and when he becomes, you make him twice more a son of Gehenna, than you. [Matthew 23:15]