Carry Near This Cup Off Me!

In this complex interaction between Jesus and the Father, we see the greatest cornerstone of our entire prayer life. We examine the verbs used by Matthew, Luke, and Mark regarding the cup and Jesus’ prayer and learn deeper truths about prayer.

Paul and John Agree on Christ, the λόγος – a comparison of Colossians 2 to John 1

Anyone who wants to know how to learn from experience and how to live life would have to be directed to Logic. The term comes from the Ancient Greek word: λόγος (a noun), which itself is derived from the verb: λέγω, meaning to lay forth. So the noun, λόγος, means that which is laid forth and is commonly translated as word. So, also, Logic can refer to a discipline of description, but it is also what is inherent and intrinsic to that which is created, holding it together and determining the way it should be and the way it should interact within its own parts…