2 Peter 4.18-19

18For many are walking about, of whom I have often told you about, but now also weeping I am telling about the ones hateful of the Cross of Christ, 19of whom destruction is the end, of whom the insides are the god, and the glory is in their shame, the ones focusing their minds on things of this earth.

2 Peter 3.9-18

9The LORD is not slow from the pronouncement, which however, some are being led to slowness. But He is long-breathing hard into us. He is not one willing any to be destroyed, but for all to move into a chasm of space, into transformed thinking. 10But the day of the LORD will be arriving, as a thief in night, in which the skies whirring will come alongside. But the orderly arrangements, being burned, will be loosed and earth and the actions in it will be burned completely. 11Certainly, of all these being loosed, what kind are you demanded to be under authority? Certainly, in terrifyingly clean twisting upward behavior and good reverence.

2 Peter 2.1-3

3And in their desire to have more, they will use carefully shaped words to turn you into merchandise. But the judgment against them from long ago is not currently without effect and the destruction of them will not nod off to sleep.