Genesis 6.9

9 Noah is an equitable man; being complete in his generation; Noah is truly agreeable to God.

Genesis 6.11-12

11But opposed in the face of God, the land withers and the land is filled with injustice. 12And the LORD God looks intently at the land and it was the one accordingly withering, because each flesh was accordingly withering his own road upon the land.

Genesis 4.6

6“In case that you may not carry forward uprightly, also you may not lift yourself through uprightly. You are without allotment. Keep your place! The twisting off in submission of it is towards you and you will rule it.”

Genesis 3.16

16And to the woman He says, “Increasing I will increase your sadness and your sigh of straits in sadness. You will produce a child and the twisting off in submission is towards your man and he will be lord of you.”

Genesis 1.1-5

1In the beginning and the place of authority the persons of God created the sky, space, and Heaven and Earth. 2And the Earth was without life and empty and the dark was on the face of the raging abyss of water and the Spirit of the persons of God moved on the face of the waters. 3And the persons of God commanded, “Shinning, exist!” and shining existed. 4And the persons of God saw that the shining was good and the persons of God distinguished a distinction between the shining and between the dark. 5And the persons of God called out the shining Day and the dark they called out Night. And existed dusk and existed dawn, the first day.