Hebrews 10.29

29How much do you think will he be deemed fit of a more terrible punishment of vindication, the one trampling down the Son of God and treating the blood of the covenant as a commonplace thing, that in which he is made terrifyingly clean, and exercising violence against the Spirit of Christ?

Hebrews 11.1-3

1But faith from what is anticipated is a standing under humbly from practical works, a proof not of the seen. 2For in these are the elders witnessed. 3Into faith we are exercising the mind, the ages having been made accordingly freshly new into the utterance of God, into the one not from out of those being shined, to have become the ones being seen.

Hebrews 11:6

6But apart from persuasion, there is no power to truly please. For to be persuaded, it is certain that for the one coming towards God, that He exists and to those seeking Him out, He becomes a giver of wages.

Hebrews 3.14

14We have certainly become sharers of the Christ, if indeed we should hold firm the beginning of the core confidence up to the end.