Isaiah 3.9

9The disfigurement on their visage stands against them, but their lack of allotment, in the manner of Sodom, they message up and exhibit. Woe to their souls on the very account that they have deliberated evil volition against themselves.

Isaiah 17.10-11a

10On account that you accordingly leave the God, your safety and you are not reminded of the LORD, of the one who comes to help when you call; through that you will plant a plant that lacks the persuasion of faith and a seed that lacks the persuasion of faith. 11But in the day in which you may plant you will be made to wander into deceit.

Isaiah 9:6

6For an infant is procreated to us and a son is given to us, of whom the beginning and authority is become superimposed on the shoulder of him, and his name is being called Messenger of the great will, for I will be leading peace, superimposed upon the beginnings and authorities of peace, and health in Him.