John 5.14

14In the midst of these things Jesus was finding him in the Temple and he says to him, “Watch out! You have been made healthy. You must no longer sin, so that nothing more worthless may happen to you.”

John 5:39

39You pour through the Scriptures, searching and uttering aloud, because you account that in them you have life everlasting. Yet, these are the ones testifying all about Me. Yet, you determine not to come toward Me, in order that you might have life.

John 1.1-14

1 In the beginning and authority was the laying forth and the laying forth was in front of God and God was the laying forth. 2 He Himself was in the beginning and authority, in front of God…

John 21.6

6Moreover, he said to them, ‘Cast to the right side of the boat the net and you will find.’ Therefore, they cast and were unable to haul in due to the plethora of fish