Mark 7.10-13

10 For Moses says, “Value your father and your mother.” And the one speaking worthlessly about father or mother must end in death. 11 But you are saying, “In the case where a man may say to the father or to the mother, ‘A gift to God, which, in the case where you may be profited from me, is a gift.'” 12 No longer do you give him leave to do anything to the father or to the mother, 13 unauthorizing the word of God to your handed down tradition, which you hand down and you are doing many very similar things.

Mark 4.11-12

11And saying to them, ‘To you the mystery of the Kingdom of God has been given to know; to those, however, who are outside, all things come to pass in parables: 12that looking at, they should look at and not experience; and listening to, they might listen to and not show their understanding as they go; there is nowhere at all, that they might suddenly turn and send off their sins.