Proverbs 27.20

20The grave and Hell are never finished counting their victims, and in the same way, the eyes of human beings are without end in counting their victims. This is all a stench of idolatry to the LORD: a turning to fixate the eye and those without an upbringing of vigor in the tongue.

Proverbs 19.23

23Fear of the LORD into Life in a man, but the one without fear will pass the night in a spot outside, not at all acquiring his aim on knowledge.

Proverbs 18.12

12In the presence of a pinning in, a heart of a man is being elevated and in the presence of the showing of true glory it is being humbled below.

Proverbs 18.8

8Fear is throwing down the slow, but the souls of the men who commit sodomy will be wasting away from toiling.

Proverbs 27:6

6Supportive are the wounds of one who loves, but the kisses of one who hates are abundant.