12For not anew are we standing ourselves together toward you, but giving a starting impulse to you of boasting of wishful prayer over us, in order that you might hold toward these who are boasting in wishful prayers in visages and not in heart. 13For if we stand out to God, then also reigning in safely to you. 14For the love of Christ is holding us together, the ones dividing by distinction this, that if one over all died off, consequently these all died off. 15And over all He died off in order that those living should live no longer to themselves, but to Him over them, to the One dying off and awakening. 16That also now we are away from this,  we stared gazing at not even one according to the flesh, with its sweeping nature; moreover, if  also we have known according to the flesh, with its sweeping nature, Christ, but now we are no longer knowing. 17That also, if anyone is in Christ, a freshly new formation; the beginnings and authorities come alongside. Perceive! All these freshly new things! It has become.

The Rooted Word