TRW Common English Translation

24Worrying about what you will eat or what you will drink or what you will have that your soul can be glad to look at as your accomplishments from your struggles, this is all not good. These all come from the hand of God. 25For everyone will eat and everyone will drink from alongside of God. 26The good human being is in front of the face of God and God gives him wisdom, knowledge, and joyfulness. To the sinner, who is without an allotment, God gives a distraction of a wheel spinning around. Out of that distraction of the sinner God takes and places forward, leads together, and gives to that good person who is in front of the face of God. Within that you see a uselessness which requires a choosing of one over another by your spirit.

TRW Precise Translation

24Not is it good in a human being what he will eat and what he will drink and what he will show to his soul good in his struggle and besides that I see that from off of a hand of the God it is. 25Because everyone will eat and everyone will drink alongside from off of Him 26because to the good human being before His visage He gives wisdom and knowledge and joyfulness and to the one without an allotment He gives a distraction wheeling around, from that He places forward and from that He leads together, from that He gives to the good one in front of the visage of the God, because also besides that is a uselessness and a choosing of one thing before another from the spirit.