1Judas, slave of Jesus Christ, brother of Jacob. To those made clean to the point of terrifying, in God the Father and guarded in Jesus Christ, those urged onward aloud. 2Active compassion to you all and peace, and may the love of God be multiplied.

3Beloved, being about the business myself to write you in all speed on the unification of deliverance, I held a constraint to write to you, being called alongside to be led to become an assembly of struggling into the persuasion, being given alongside this one time to those clean to the point of terrifying . 4For certain kinds of people, who formerly being prophesied about in writing, sunk into place alongside and in this way a dividing by decision for judgment, deficient in reverence, swapping out the cheerful grace of God for incontinence and deficient in pouring forth speech about the stayed absolute ruler, God and our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Rooted Word