1Paul, one bound to Jesus Christ, a called one standing steadfastly off as an apostle, having been marked off a boundary in God’s good message, 2Who in advance cast the message through the prophets, who illuminate in advance, in sacred, terrifyingly clean writings. 3Concerning His Son, the One becoming from out of the seed of David according to the flesh, 4the One marked out a son of God with capability according to a terrifyingly clean spirit, from out of a standing up from physically dead ones, Jesus Christ, the Lord of us, 5through whom we get hold of cheerful grace and a standing steadfastly off in apostleship into a carefully humble listening of persuasion in all races over His name, 6in Whom you also are called ones of Jesus Christ.

7To all those being in Rome, to the ones loved of God, to those called to terrifying cleanliness. Greetings to you and peace from off of God our Father and of Lord Jesus Christ.

8First, I am certainly thanking my God through Jesus Christ over all of you, because of your persuasion being messaged accordingly in all the collection of individuals. 9For my witness is God, to Whom I am serving in my spirit in the good message of His Son, in which manner I am making it all the way through without leaving recollection of you, 10at all times being bound, superimposed on my forward wishful prayers, if in what way even not at some time I will be sent down a good road in God’s choice to come to you. 11For I am superimposing a desire to see you, in order that I may give among you some divine spiritual gift of cheer, to stand you stable into this. 12But this is to be together called alongside into you all through this in each other, of your persuasion and even of mine. 13But I am not wanting you, brothers, to be without knowing, concerning how often I lay before myself to come toward you and I was prevented up to this point, in order that I might hold some fruit also in you, accordingly as also in the remaining races. 14Even to Greeks and non-Greeks, to wise and even unintelligent I am heaping up to owe 15in this way, the rushing before with breath, according for me and to you, to those in Rome, to message the good message myself.

16For I am not being superimposed with a disfigurement by the good message of Christ, for it is the ability of God into deliverance in all those persuaded, both in the Jews, first, and in the Greeks. 17For an equity of God is being uncovered in it from out of persuasion into persuasion, just as it has been written: “But the equitable one from out of persuasion shall himself live.”

18For a violent desire of God is being uncovered out of Heaven, superimposed on every irreverent and inequitable one from humans, the ones holding down the truth in inequity, 19through which that which is known of God is shining in them, for God shines in them. 20 For the invisible of Him, from the original formation of the whole collection of individuals, to those made, those being observed, each is being stared at accordingly: His ever-enduring ability, as well as divinity, into that which itself is without a rendering of an account. 21Through which, the ones knowing God, in that manner, do not render God glorious, nor are they truly cheerful, but they are chewed up completely in their discussions, and the heart, without an assembling of knowledge of these, is shaded.

22Those shown to be wise are silenced 23and they make the glory of the God, Who does not waste away, different, in form like a copy of a human, who does waste away, and of flying things and of four-footed things and of creeping things. 24And through this, God in coordination gives them in an all-encompassing desire of their hearts, into an inability to purge this, to be made to be without a price paid for their bodies, in themselves. 25That is, they transform the truth of God in the falsehood and they are made to revere and serve the original formation in contrast to the One forming, Who is spoken well of into the ages, Amen!

26Through this, God in coordination gives them into passions from being without a price paid for the penalty. Even their women transform the physical pouring across a chasm through a channel, furnishing what is needed, into that which is alongside the physical. 27In the same form, even the men as well, sending away the physical pouring across a chasm through a channel, furnishing what is needed from the female, are set on fire from it in their rising up to stretch themselves out into one another, males into males, the ones working accordingly for themselves the deprivation of pattern and the opposite of the paid price for the penalty, the ones receiving, which must bind in themselves from their wandering. 28And accordingly, they do not prove God, to hold in a superimposition of knowledge. God in coordination gives them into a mind that lacks conviction, to do that which does not come to be accordingly: 29the ones having been filled completely

  • in every inequity,
  • in harlotry, disposing oneself into merchandise or slavery,
  • in depravity from toiling for daily sustenance,
  • in holding increasingly more,
  • in worthlessness,

those replete

  • of desire to shrivel another,
  • of murder,
  • of strife,
  • of a decoy,
  • of evil usage,

those uttering whispers, 30those talking down, those hating God, those violently overbearing, those shining down over others, those bragging from vagrancy, those superimposing a finding of worthlessness in a parent, those unteachable and unable to be persuaded, 31those without an assembling of knowledge, those secretly withholding joint consent, those withholding affection to cherish another, those unable to devote one’s life, those withholding compassion, 32which some, the ones knowing by superimposition the equitable action of God, in that the ones performing repeatedly those things are deserving of death, but also encouraging with approval those performing them repeatedly.

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