Genesis 6.11-12

11But opposed in the face of God, the land withers and the land is filled with injustice. 12And the LORD God looks intently at the land and it was the one accordingly withering, because each flesh was accordingly withering his own road upon the land.

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Genesis 4.6

6“In case that you may not carry forward uprightly, also you may not lift yourself through uprightly. You are without allotment. Keep your place! The twisting off in submission of it is towards you and you will rule it.”

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Genesis 3.16

16And to the woman He says, “Increasing I will increase your sadness and your sigh of straits in sadness. You will produce a child and the twisting off in submission is towards your man and he will be lord of you.”

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1 Timothy 2:3-4

3For that is beautiful and acceptable in the sight of our Savior, God, who is desiring all human beings to be saved and to come into the recognition of truth.

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3 John 1.2

2Beloved, about all things I am wishfully praying for you to be sent along the true road yourselves and to be sound for growth, according to how your soul is being sent along the true road itself.

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Isaiah 3.9

9The disfigurement on their visage stands against them, but their lack of allotment, in the manner of Sodom, they message up and exhibit. Woe to their souls on the very account that they have deliberated evil volition against themselves.

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2 Timothy 4.1-5

1Accordingly, gazing in, I am carefully testifying from God and from the Lord Jesus Christ of the One intending to divide by decision those living and the dead, according to the revealing of Him all around, and to His royalty. 2Proclaim publicly the word! Stand within! Whether timely or untimely, completely refute! Demand a valuation! Call from alongside in all labored patience and instruction! …

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2 Peter 4.18-19

18For many are walking about, of whom I have often told you about, but now also weeping I am telling about the ones hateful of the Cross of Christ, 19of whom destruction is the end, of whom the insides are the god, and the glory is in their shame, the ones focusing their minds on things of this earth.

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Revelation 21.8

8But to these filled with dread and without persuasion and without allotment and to those having become stinking abominations and criminal murderers and male prostitutes and sorcerers and who minister to images, and to all the fakes, their allotment is in the pond being set on fire, into fire and sulfur, which is being the second death.

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Proverbs 27.20

20The grave and Hell are never finished counting their victims, and in the same way, the eyes of human beings are without end in counting their victims. This is all a stench of idolatry to the LORD: a turning to fixate the eye and those without an upbringing of vigor in the tongue.

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Proverbs 19.23

23Fear of the LORD into Life in a man, but the one without fear will pass the night in a spot outside, not at all acquiring his aim on knowledge.

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Proverbs 18.12

12In the presence of a pinning in, a heart of a man is being elevated and in the presence of the showing of true glory it is being humbled below.

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