1 Corinthians 6.11-13

11And these some of you were being, but you wash yourselves fully, but you are made terrifyingly clean, but you are made equitable in the name of the Lord Jesus and in the Spirit of our God.

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Proverbs 3.5-8

7Do not be thinking hard according to your own self, but fear God and incline your way out of and away from evil. 8Only then will a healing be in your body and a caring all around inside your bones.

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1 Peter 2.24

who bore up our sins in His body all about the timber, in order that being off from the sins, we may live in righteousness, of whom, in His mole we are cured.

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Hebrews 10.29

29How much do you think will he be deemed fit of a more terrible punishment of vindication, the one trampling down the Son of God and treating the blood of the covenant as a commonplace thing, that in which he is made terrifyingly clean, and exercising violence against the Spirit of Christ?

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1 John 5.1-5

1Every one believing that Jesus is the Christ, from out of the God has been born and every one loving the one procreating is loving also the one procreated from out of Him. 2In that we are knowing that we are loving the children of the God whenever we are loving God and His commands we are carefully keeping.

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1 John 3.4-8

4Everyone doing the sin also he is doing the lawlessness and the sin is the lawlessness 5and you have seen that that one is being shined that our sins might be lifted up and sin in Him is not. 6Everyone who is staying in Him is not sinning. Everyone who is sinning has not stared at Him nor has known Him…

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Revelation 17.8

8And those dwelling upon the Earth will wonder, of whom it is not written the names upon the Book of Life from off of the casting down of the whole collection of individuals, of those looking at, that the wild game animal was and is not and will come near.

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Jude 1.4

4For some human beings, those having been written of beforehand, settle in alongside into the judgment, irreverent ones placing amidst the grace of our God into incontinence and contradicting the only absolute ruler God and our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Matthew 5.1-16

1But staring at the throngs, he walks up into the mountain and from sitting himself down accordingly, his disciples come towards him. 2And he opening up his mouth was teaching them, laying forth:

3Supremely blessed are the poor ones in the Spirit, that theirs is the Kingdom of the heavens.

4Supremely blessed are the grievers that they will be called alongside….

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Hebrews 11.1-3

1But faith from what is anticipated is a standing under humbly from practical works, a proof not of the seen. 2For in these are the elders witnessed. 3Into faith we are exercising the mind, the ages having been made accordingly freshly new into the utterance of God, into the one not from out of those being shined, to have become the ones being seen.

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