The Rooted Word

TRW Translation

What is TRW?

TRW is the three-letter abbreviation for The Rooted Word like KJV is for King James Version or like NASB is for New American Standard Bible.

What Makes TRW So Different from Other Translations?

The Rooted Word translation is a literal one. We take into account the roots of the words and draw the meanings to the surface meaning to increase the impact of the message given by God in His Testimony. We do not use any figurative translations of words, unless the literal does not make any sense whatsoever in the context. That is extremely rare, though. We also are producing 3 versions of The Rooted Word. The first is the Precise Translation which leaves as much of the Greek intact in the English, including syntax (word order) where it makes sense in English. The second is the Common English translation which rewords the Precise Translation so it is readable and understandable by the average native speaker of English. The third is a new division of the chapters and verses in the Precise Translation. This last version is long over due in the Church. Many serious problems have arisen because of incorrect divisions at both the chapter and verse levels. These are 3 separate translations. You can use one or all of them.

Why Do We Need Another Translation of the Bible into English?

Why is the Book of James Labeled Jacob in TRW?

What Greek Manuscripts Are You Using for the New Testament Translation?

What Manuscripts Are You Using for the Old Testament Translation?

Why Aren't You Using the Masoretic Text Like the Jewish Community or Other Protestant Translations?

Are You Catholic or Orthodox?

What Qualifies You to Translate the Holy Scriptures?

Where Can I Buy a Copy of The Rooted Word Bible?

Why Are You Making Two Versions of TRW?

What Is Your Methodology for Translation?

Is TRW a Word for Word or Idea for Idea Translation?

Is TRW a Literal Translation?

How Does TRW Compare to the KJV?

Where is Your Statement of Faith?

What Denomination Are You?

Is This a One Man Translation or a Translation of a Panel of Scholars?