Romans 13.14

14But sink into the Lord Jesus Christ and do not make the forethought of the flesh into an encompassing passion.

Romans 1

21Through which, the ones knowing God, in that manner, do not render God glorious, nor are they truly cheerful, but they are chewed up completely in their discussions, and the heart, without an assembling of knowledge of these, is shaded.

22Those shown to be wise are silenced 23and they make the glory of the God, Who does not waste away, different, in form like a copy of a human, who does waste away, and of flying things and of four-footed things and of creeping things. 24And through this, God in coordination gives them in a superimposition of desire of their hearts, into an inability to purge this, to be made to be without a price paid for their bodies, in themselves…

Romans 2:1-3

1Therefore, you are without an accounting, O human, every one dividing by distinction. For in that which you are dividing by distinction the other, you are dividing by distinction against yourself. You, the one dividing by distinction, are practicing repeatedly these very things…

Romans 8:7-9

7Through this (what was said in previous verses), the flesh, with its sweeping nature, controlling by limiting the mind, this is hatred into God. For even within the law of God, the flesh, with its sweeping nature, cannot arrange itself orderly within God’s law, with humility – because it is unable to maintain this…

Romans 12.1-2

1 I call alongside you, therefore, brothers, through God’s extensive compassion, that you place your bodies near, a sudden sacrifice, living and terrifyingly clean, truly lifted up to seek to be agreeable to God, which is your reasonable, due service of worship. 2 Do not be joined in the schematic pattern to this here age, but be formed amid the distribution of newness of your understanding, to show by you, what the desire of God is, good and beneficial, truly lifted up to seek to be agreeable, and complete.