Romans 6.14

14For your sin will not rule, for you are not existing under law but under grace.

Romans 8.1-8

1Without doubt, now, there is not even one judgement against those in Christ Jesus, to those walking about not according to flesh, but according to Spirit. 2For the law of the Spirit of the Life in Christ Jesus frees us to go off from the law of the lack of allotment and the death. 3For the powerlessness of the law, in which it is weak through the flesh, the God dispatches His own Son in similarity of flesh of lacking allotment and about lacking allotment distinguishes accordingly the lack of allotment in the flesh, 4that the equitable deed of the law may be filled full in us, in the ones walking about not according to flesh, but according to Spirit…

Romans 6.23

23For the soldier’s food rations from sin is death, but the cheerful graciousness from God is life everlasting in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 10.9-10

9That in the case that you agree as in a covenant in your mouth to Lord Jesus and you believe in your heart that God wakens Him from out of the dead, you will be saved. 10For in heart you are believing into equity, but in mouth you are agreeing as in a covenant into salvation.

Romans 13.14

14But sink into the Lord Jesus Christ and do not make the forethought of the flesh into an encompassing passion.

Romans 1

21Through which, the ones knowing God, in that manner, do not render God glorious, nor are they truly cheerful, but they are chewed up completely in their discussions, and the heart, without an assembling of knowledge of these, is shaded.

22Those shown to be wise are silenced 23and they make the glory of the God, Who does not waste away, different, in form like a copy of a human, who does waste away, and of flying things and of four-footed things and of creeping things. 24And through this, God in coordination gives them in a superimposition of desire of their hearts, into an inability to purge this, to be made to be without a price paid for their bodies, in themselves…