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What is The Rooted Word?

The Rooted Word is a Bible translation. It adheres strictly to specific translation rules to yield an English translation of the original Greek text that is closer than any previous translation to the Testimony of God. Doctrinal assumptions are ignored. Figurative language is put aside as interpretation.

  • There are two editions of The Rooted Word: The Precise English Edition and The Common English Edition.
  • You can access the interface to the translation of The Rooted Word in progress here.
  • The Common English Edition is easier to read than The Precise English Edition.
  • The Precise English Edition gets you closer to the Greek than the Common English Edition

What is on the website?

The Rooted Word has many kinds of original resources you will not find anywhere else. These include the following:

  • TRW Bible
  • TRW video teachings
  • TRW hymns & spiritual songs
  • TRW articles
  • TRW topical index to video teachings (coming soon…)
  • TRW Lexicon [Greek-TRW-KJV] (coming soon…)