Justification is a complicated issue in the New Testament and was the source of the Protestant rebellion called the Protestant Reformation. Justification is not Salvation and it is not the forgiveness of sins. Most Protestants are confused about this. The Greek word underlying “justification” means to be revealed as just and in every use for the Christian it refers to whether we reveal God to be true or a liar. If in the first case we testify that God is true, then we are shown as just. If in the latter case we testify God is a liar we are revealed as unjust. For God is certainly always true. And we do this either by words from our persuasion (aka faith) or from our actions (aka works or deeds). The videos below explain this from Scripture.


Paul Argues We Must Keep the Law, Whether We Know the Law or Not (Romans 2)

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In Romans 2 Paul says justification comes by what we do. That is the whole argument against just "believing" in the modern sense of the word. We must believe and do, according to Paul's argument here. The works of the Law are written on our hearts. Our consciences are the second witness to these so that when we break them we have two witnesses against us so that we are found guilty according to the Law's requirement of two witnesses. The conscience also commends us when we do what is right by the works of the Law written on our hearts. ...


What Does Justification Mean in Romans 3?

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We examine the meaning of justify and Romans chapter 3.21-31 from The Rooted Word Precise English Edition:

But exactly now at a space from law, an equity from God has been shined, being witnessed humbly under the law and the prophets,
but an equity from God through persuasion of Jesus Christ into all, also upon all those being persuaded. For it is not a standing fast through.
For all lose their allotment and are being lower than the glorious reputation of the God,
being shown just as a present into the cheerful graciousness of him through the thing from the cheerful graciousness loosening off from, in Christ Jesus.
For which the God himself places in front a cheerful conciliation through the persuasion in the blood of him, into an indication of the equity of him through the going alongside as a passing over of the sins, with their lack of allotment, the sins having come to be before.
in the holding up of the God forwards to an indication of the equity of him in the current occasion into the thing to be himself equitable and showing as right the one from out of a persuasion of Jesus.
Certainly what, the boasting to vaunt is closed out through what sort of law of the actions? Indeed not, but through a law of persuasion.
Certainly, we are ourselves accounting to persuasion a human being to be shown just at a distance from actions of a law.
Or the god of Judeans only, but not indeed also of ethnicities? Surely also ethnicities.
Since indeed one is the God who will show as just a circumcised from out of persuasion and an uncircumcised through the persuasion
Certainly, are we accordingly making idle law through the persuasion? Might it not be caused to be! But we are standing up law.


Very Practical Description of Justification

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This is an easy explanation of justification as found in Scripture. This is straight forward. ...


"A Man is Justified By Works and Not By Faith ALONE!" - James 2:24

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We examine how Protestants do not live by Sola Scriptura, the belief that the Bible is the final authority that all men must obey no matter who they are. They used this doctrine to condemn the leaders of the Catholic Church 500 years ago. But we see that those Protestants are hypocrites and do not truly believe and live by Sola Scriptura because they refuse to submit to this clear, unequivocal declaration in James 2:24 against their false doctrine that we are only justified by faith alone and that works do not justify a man. The Scriptures rebuke those Hypocrites! They do not live by Sola Scriptura. Man is justified by both faith and works, according to Scriptures.

"It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so." -Mark Twain


By Faith Alone Nullifies Itself

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Justification by faith alone is not possible from many different aspects of God's own Testimony. We see here that the Devil wants us to believe that we only have to believe and that actions don't matter. It is his end game. And that places this push by Luther, within the Great Rebellion, to deprive Christians of the equal importance of good actions (aka works) as the beginning of the End Game of the enemy against the Church. ...