The Rooted Word translation returns to the roots of the Greek New Testament and the Hebrew Old Testament to recover the imagery in all of its intensity. We have begun with the Letter of James (Jacob). We welcome everyone to use the translation for personal Bible Study, but we also welcome feedback from professionals and lay people alike. The more feedback, the easier to know how to respond to the needs of the body of Christ.

Our Worship section of our website contains all original worship songs. They are recorded live in an apartment with very little processing and very few retakes, in order to preserve the natural aspect of Worship. The imperfections are part of the human quality of the experience of Worship. Without these we have performance and entertainment, rather than Worship. See the Licensing section to learn our perspective on licensing spiritual materials. See the Scripture Licensing section to know about using The Rooted Word translation and the Song Licensing section to know how, when, and where you are permitted to use the worship songs.