The Rooted Word Translation of the Holy Scriptures

The Rooted Word Translation returns to the roots of the Greek New Testament and the Hebrew Old Testament to recover the imagery in all of its intensity. We have begun with the Letter of Jacob (a.k.a. James). Additionally, as individual passages are translated using this technique they are added under Verses and Passages within each of the Testamental menus. The translations are provided in PDF format embedded in the page. There are options for downloading and printing. Please observe our licensing requirements. These are not intended to hinder the distribution of the Scriptures, but to track corporate and group usage. We welcome distribution, but completely at your cost. Go to Scriptures Licensing to learn more, then fill out our Group / Corporate Permission form. For private use there is no need to apply. Simply download and pray, read, pray, understand, pray, and do what the LORD says.

Original Worship Songs for the Church

Our Worship section of our website contains all original worship songs. They are recorded live in an apartment with very little processing and very few retakes, in order to preserve the natural aspect of Worship. The imperfections are part of the human quality of the experience of Worship. Without these we have performance and entertainment, rather than Worship.

Many people may approach worship songs from a carnal mind. We have been so deeply ingrained with this training to view and judge music this way that it is nearly impossible even for believers to escape this trap.  Worship music should not conform to the fashions of popular music. It should be its own and take the course and shape as the Spirit of God leads, not the desires of the carnal man. With this same attitude the worship song must be approached for the benefits it offers the soul. The gifts of God to the Church should not be viewed from the carnal point of view.

The first step is to read and understand the lyrics. The next step is participation in offering the singing of the song to the LORD.

If in the process you run across a song you do not particularly like the sound of, put that attitude aside the same way you would the desire to skip church because you do not feel like it this time or to change churches because you do not like some insignificant aspect of the service. Doing this is in fact a step toward taking the carnal appetites into subjection and giving the Spirit of God mastery over your bodily appetites and judgments. The blessings will then begin to pour forth from this obedience of worship [Romans 12:1-2]

See the Licensing section to learn our perspective on licensing spiritual materials. See the Scripture Licensing section to know about using The Rooted Word Translation and the Song Licensing section to know how, when, and where you are permitted to use the worship songs.

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Songs and Hymns in Ukraine

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