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What is The Rooted Word?

The Rooted Word is a Bible translation. It adheres strictly to specific translation rules to yield an English translation of the original Greek text that is closer than any previous translation to the Testimony of God. Doctrinal assumptions are ignored. Figurative language is put aside as interpretation.

  • There are two editions of The Rooted Word: The Precise English Edition and The Common English Edition.
  • You can access the interface to the translation of The Rooted Word in progress here.
  • The Common English Edition is easier to read than The Precise English Edition.
  • The Precise English Edition gets you closer to the Greek than the Common English Edition

What is on the website?

The Rooted Word has many kinds of original resources you will not find anywhere else. These include the following:

You can also find all of these and more up in the menu above.

Ukrainian Interviews

One example of a stricter law made by Jesus out of one of the 10 Commandments is the commandment "Thou shalt not...

Refugee Resources

Here are resources that might be useful to displaced Ukrainians, inside and outside of Ukraine. We will be adding to this page as we receive new resources.

Where Do I Start and How Can I Help Others?

Question TheNewsUNIT My friends ask me what are Jesus' commandments. I really don't know what they are. We would like...

The Gospel

What is the Gospel, According to Jesus and the Apostles? In the Gospel according to Mark, it is written: Now after...

12 Foolish Doctrines

12 Foolish Doctrines The Apostasy is the great standing off from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a movement under...

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Justification Justification is a complicated issue in the New Testament and was the source of the Protestant rebellion...

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Old Testament

Hebrew Masoretic Text (MT) Most translations of the Old Testament into English, even as early as the KJV, have relied...

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Bible Versions

Bible Versions While The Rooted Word is in progress there are parts that are not yet translated. For those parts you...

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