12 Foolish Doctrines

The Apostasy is the great standing off from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a movement under the guise of Christianity that occurs at the End Times. The Apostasy sets up the stage for the False Prophet who will do miracles to deceive people who call themselves Christians into making the etching of the Mark of the Beast in their palms or in the midst of their faces. This is in contrast to Deuteronomy 6 where God gives the command to bind His words to the hand and to the foreheads. The hand represents the actions and the forehead or face represents the perspective or the view of the world, what you believe. This is the two-fold tool of salvation in the body: persuasion (aka faith) and actions (aka deeds or works). The Apostasy prepares people to think they are Christians, while rejecting either faith or actions as required for salvation. When the Devil captures one of those and convinces you that you do not need that one thing of the two, he has set you up for failure.

Here are 12 Foolish Doctrines, that if you believe any one of them, will lead you into darkness. You will think you are saved, but you will be following the fools on the broad road to destruction. These lead you away from the Jesus testified to in the Bible. Use this list to mark out false doctrines and to stay away from those who teach them.

The Lordship of Sinful Nature

No One Holier Than Anyone Else

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Saved By Faith Alone


Once Saved, Always Saved

Under Grace, Not Under Law

Imputation of Righteousness from Jesus


Pre-Tribulation Rapture

Democracy of Truth (the more who agree, the truer it is)

Two Gospels – Gospel of Law and Gospel of Grace (Jesus to the Jews, Paul to the Gentiles)

Hebrew Magic Incantations (replacing English words with Hebrew for greater spiritual power)